5 TV shows
Lucy Lawless (from left0, Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago star in "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" on Starz. (Starz photo)

5 TV shows to watch before 2018 ends

Television offers a wide variety of genres and so many options of how to watch, it  can be overwhelming for viewers to decide what, where and when to watch.  Some viewers know what they like, so their decisions are easier. But for the others who just want something entertaining, finding the right show can be a difficult task.

The choice of a TV show is dependent on several aspects. For some, it is the genre that matters, for others it is the plot, while for some it is simply the actors that star in the show. For instance, any show that Ian Somerhalder stars in becomes a hit because of the sensation he is with fans of “The Vampire Diaries.”

With more than 500 scripted TV series set to air in 2018, viewers probably missed a few. Here are five solid shows based on audience ranking you might want to watch before the year ends.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) definitely deserves a salute. He is the only horror character born in Michigan who has cut off his own hand and then replaced it with a chainsaw. The reviews of the show and its three fun seasons say it all, giving you no reason to miss catching up with it on the Starz app.


Created by Matt Groening and airing on Netflix, this animated series is worth a look. If you’ve been flipping channels waiting to watch something interesting yet light, “Disenchantment” is what you must start watching. The voices of Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, and Abbi Jacobson are featured along with the voice of the person who did Bender on “Futurama.”

Season 1 comprises 10 episodes and there’s a high chance of you not feeling satisfied until you reach the cliffhanger ending. This is when you start to Google for an update on the launch of the next season. Similar to the other famous shows by Groening, this one also takes its time to gel and you need to be patient with it.

The Last O.G.

Remember Tracy Morgan? He makes a comeback to television in this TBS comedy, playing the role of Tray Barker. Barker is an ex-con who comes back to his neighborhood in Brooklyn only to find out that his ex-girlfriend is now married. The show currently has one season with 10 episodes. You can watch on the TBS app or these other ways.

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Tracy Morgan stars in “The Last O.G.” on TBS. (Handout)

A Very British Scandal

This one is perfect for those who can’t follow long TV series. It’s a three-part miniseries on Amazon Prime Video starring Hugh Grant and based on a political scandal from the UK. Grant plays the role of a smarmy politician in the Labour Party who faces scandal when his affair with a gay man is revealed.


Remember the interactive app that launched last fall and allowed users to select where they’d like to enter the murder mystery? “Mosaic” aired on HBO with a more linear pattern and a narrative that is ideal for those who enjoy Hitchcock thrillers. Sharon Stone stars children’s book author Olivia Lake in the Utah-set series. Watch on any of HBO’s viewing options.