Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas discuss "Scorpion" at San Diego Comic Con.

‘Scorpion’ preview: It’s Quintis, no Tappy

“Scorpion” fans: When the show returns, “Quintis” won’t be on or off again. They can’t be, Eddie Kaye Thomas insists.

“We gotta start with on again before we go off again,” Thomas said during San Diego Comic Con. “Scorpion” begins its second season at 9 p.m. Sept. 21 on CBS.

Thomas stars as Toby Curtis, half of the couple named Quintis by fans of the series based on the life of genius security expert Walter O’Brien. Happy Quinn, played by Jadyn Wong, is the other half.

“I do think there’s something genuine between Toby and Happy,” Thomas said. “But it won’t come easy.”

Thomas and Wong were paired together at SDCC, and during a roundtable interview they talked about the show’s relationships, learning the technical language their nerd characters use, and how romantic feelings totally confound the geniuses of Team Scorpion.

“Every week we have a case and these geniuses know how to do this. They’ll come across obstacles, but they know how to solve it,” Wong said. “It’s in the relationships, that’s the conflict. They have no idea. They don’t know how to solve it.”

Although Team Scorpion was disbanded by Homeland Security at the end of last season, they’re quickly reunited in the premiere when a satellite threatens to crash on Earth. Their handler, Gabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), has been toiling as a consultant on a TV police drama starring Gene Simmons of KISS. Gabe is thrilled to say goodbye to Hollywood when he gets a call from his new boss, Adriana Molina (new recurring cast member Alana de la Garza).

Toby is thrilled to be back in the garage with Happy, whom he fell hard for last season. He failed to show up when she finally agreed to a date, which left Happy a bit gunshy about pursuing a relationship.

Now Toby is just as persistent as he’s ever been, which creates some hilarious conversations when they team up.

In the videos here, Thomas talks about one of those conversations last season when Quintis was being chased by thugs in Bosnia.

“I love these guys facing their emotional fears,” Thomas said. “I really enjoy, especially Toby and Happy, challenging each other.”

Toby and Happy aren’t the only duo who may have some romance issues this season. Click here to hear what Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel had to say about the new season.

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