"APB" premieres at 9/8c Feb. 6 on Fox.

Exclusive 1st look at ‘APB’ key art

Stars Justin Kirk and Natalie Martinez adorn the key art for APB, the latest TV series to film in Chicago. TV Show Patrol has your exclusive first look at the key art, courtesy of Fox.

“APB” tells the stories of a tech billionaire and a Chicago cop giving justice the reboot. The hourlong drama premieres at 9/8c Feb. 6 on Fox. Read more from Fox below. In January, check in here for more from the show’s stars Ernie Hudson, Taylor Handley, Tamberla Perry and Caitlin Stasey.

Filmed entirely on location in Chicago, “APB” follows maverick billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk) in his quest to remake Chicago’s 13th Police District into the most high-tech, forward-thinking police force in the world.

After witnessing his best friend’s murder, Gideon finds that the police of Chicago’s 13th are woefully short-staffed and underfunded in their efforts to investigate the case. Like a good engineer, he goes to work fixing the problem and get the justice his friend deserves. Gideon makes a surprising proposal to the Mayor and City Council—requesting a special appointment to run the 13th District himself. In exchange, he offers to fund the city’s budget shortfall out of his own very deep pockets.

As the new head of the 13th District, Gideon puts his legendary disruptive style on immediate and controversial display. He introduces cutting-edge technology—police drones, smart cruisers and the world’s most effective non-lethal sidearms. The APB app speeds up 911 response times by allowing users to contact police at the push of a button. It’s crime-fighting on demand. District 13’s dedicated cops feel that demand, so Gideon makes some personnel changes. He promotes Officer Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez) to the rank of Detective. He’s impressed by her street smarts and willingness to challenge his bold ideas.

Each week on APB, Gideon and Murphy use his impressive inventions and her well-worn instincts to solve the toughest crimes. They do it all with the help of rough-and-tumble beat cops Nicholas Brandt (Taylor Handley) and Tasha Goss (Tamberla Perry). Gideon’s employee with a checkered past, Ada Hamilton (Caitlin Stasey), lends her computer expertise. All under the watchful eye of Captain Ned Conrad (Ernie Hudson).

APB Key Art
“APB” premieres at 9/8c Feb. 6 on Fox.