Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien in the Korean series, "One More Happy Ending." (DramaFever)

Conan O’Brien comes on strong—as goldfish

On his recent trip to South Korea, talk show host Conan O’Brien did a guest-star turn in a Korean drama series called “One More Happy Ending.”

Thanks to the streaming service DramaFever, Americans can watch O’Brien—well, a fictionalized version of the comic—visits specialized dating service Brave Wedding.

He’s on a mission to find the woman of his dreams, but when he meets Carp (Jang Na Ra), a former K-Pop star who now runs the agency and is its lead matchmaker, things don’t go as she had planned.

As you can see in the clip above, Conan falls for Carp and describes her as his ideal woman. “It’s you,” he tells her, adding that he won’t use her service. “If I sign up for this service, I can’t start something with you.”

He gets a scolding from Carp, but that doesn’t seem to stop him. “Love overcomes everything,” he says.

Conan isn’t done with Carp. In the clip below, he shows up as a goldfish to torment her some more. I’m not quite sure how that fits into the series, but you can see all 16 episodes beginning April 15 at DramaFever. Conan shows up in Episodes 9 and 10.

O’Brien filmed a special episode of his late night show “Conan,” called “Conan Korea,” while he was visiting the Asian country. He and pal Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead” also appeared in a music video from K-Pop star J.Y. Park and enjoyed a traditional Korean meal.

It aired April 9 on TBS, but you can watch it at Watch “Conan” at 11/10c week nights on TBS.

DramaFever is the largest online video distributor of international televised content. Although it has a ton of shows from Korea and other Asian countries, it streams movies, documentaries and TV shows with professional subtitles from all over the world.


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