Heroes Reborn
The cast of "Heroes Reborn" at the Toronto International Film Festival: TIFF moderator Michael Lerman (from left), Tim Kring, Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Ryan Guzman, Kiki Sukezane, Henry Zebrowski, Gatlin Green, Danica Yarosh, Rya Kihlstedt, Judith Shekoni, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Greg Grunberg, Noah Gray-Cabey, Francesca Eastwood and Lucias Hoyos. (Mike Windle/NBC)

‘Heroes Reborn’ at TIFF: Puberty and TV roles

“Heroes Reborn” introduced fans to new characters with super powers on Thursday, but how did the actors playing those “evos” prepare for their roles?

“Finished puberty,” said Noah Gray-Cabey, who reprises his role as Micah Sanders in the 13-episode miniseries that picks up five years after the events of the original “Heroes” series.

Micah and Gray-Cabey have grown up since then, as the 19-year-old actor reminded people who attended the world premiere of the show at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After the Sept. 15 screening, cast members were brought on stage and asked how they prepared for the series. You can watch their sometimes hilarious answers in the video above.

Young actor Lucias Hoyos, who plays Jose Gutierrez in the show, didn’t miss a beat following up Gray-Cabey’s answer.

“Started puberty,” he said, earning a high five from his cast mate.

Ryan Guzman’s response—he went to the gym and ate a lot of food—inspired show creator Tim Kring to tell how one scene from the premiere in which Guzman’s character, Carlos Gutierrez, and Jose (Hoyos), were walking was filmed twice, three months apart in Los Angeles and Toronto. Between shoots, Guzman had gained 23 pounds in preparing for his role.

“I was eating like eight to 10 meals a day,” Guzman said. “It was crazy.”

I talked to Guzman briefly on the red carpet prior to the screening, and asked him about the horned rim glasses he was wearing to the premiere. (See video below.)

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