Jack Aiello
Jack Aiello plays Little Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon is Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” (Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Impersonator Jack Aiello visits Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon gave Chicago-area viral sensation Jack Aiello a national platform for his political impersonations Wednesday when he appeared on“The Tonight Show.”

Aiello played the clone “Little Donald Trump” opposite Fallon’s Trump, talked with Fallon and appeared in a backstage segment. Watch the videos below.

Earlier this month the middle schooler roasted presidential candidates during his 8th grade graduation speech at Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights.

After a video of his nearly 9-minute speech went viral, Fallon sought him as a guest. Aiello is set to appear on the June 22 episode.

Principal Brian Kaye told NBC Chicago the entire graduating class was assigned to write a speech, but Aiello was the “hands-down No. 1 pick.”

Aiello did impersonations of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

Speaking as Trump, Aiello said, “Congratulations, you are now getting to hear a speech from the magnificent Donald Trump. And let me just tell you that Thomas has been such a great school. Quite frankly, it’s been fantastic.”

Aiello really does nail each politician. Speaking as Sanders, Aiello said his school had the best cinnamon rolls, but he saw one way to improve them.

“We need to make them free,” he said. “Why should students have to pay for their own cinnamon rolls? Doesn’t make any sense. What we need is a cinnamon roll revolution.”

As Clinton, he thanked the teachers for being champions of the students.

“They’ve given us the skills to get us through sixth grade, and through seventh grade, and eighth grade, and now we’re going to take those skills and apply them to high school,” he said in a heightened voice.

YouTube viewers have watched the video of his speech, uploaded by his dad, more than 2,207,000 times as of 6 p.m. Tuesday.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs at 10:35 p.m. CT week nights on NBC. (Editor’s note: I updated this post June 23 after Aiello’s appearance.)

Jack Aiello with Jimmy Fallon

Backstage with Jack Aiello