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‘Orphan Black’ Vote Alison Hendrix promo a hoot

As Donnie Hendrix, clone Alison’s bumbling husband, Kristian Bruun is the comic relief on “Orphan Black.” His Vote Alison Hendrix promo proves it.

“Alison Hendrix, putting the ‘Al’ back in ‘Education … al’,” Donnie says in a new campaign spot he created for his wife.

Clone Club members know Alison is trying to unseat Marci Coates in the upcoming election for Trustee for the Glendale Public School Board, and Donnie is her self-proclaimed campaign manager. The not-so-dynamic duo are running a clean campaign.

Well, they are financing it by selling homemade soaps with a little something extra relaxing inside.

The “trusty Trustee you can trust” is making good bank with her new side business, but her victory undoubtedly will come thanks to Donnie’s video. While the video voiceover is credited to “The Donner Hendrix,” we know it’s Donnie.

Speaking of the credits, make sure to play them slowly and find all the Easter Eggs—including my favorite: Bitch MARCI COATES.

Remember to #VoteAlisonHendrix and visit the Vote Alison Hendrix website for more laughs.

“Orphan Black” airs at 8 p.m. Saturdays on BBC America.

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Vote for Alison promo
Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) in “Orphan Black.” (BBC America)