Ripper Street
Adam Rothenberg (from left), Matthew Macfadyen and MyAnna Buring in "Ripper Street."

‘Ripper Street’ returns March 8

 Ripper Street returns March 8 for a fifth and final season on BBC America, picking up mere days after the deadly events of Season 4.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t caught up! (And “Ripper Street” is totally worth watching. See it at Amazon Prime)

The new season reunites Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), surgeon Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) and “Long” Susan Hart (MyAnna Buring). They work to bring murderer of Detective Inspector Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) to justice.

Last season introduced a new serial killer plaguing the streets of Whitechapel. Reid and Drake were convinced that the murderer’s cannibalistic crimes were being covered up by another party. Their investigation pointed to a trail of corruption that led them right to the heart of Scotland Yard. Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove (Killian Scott) and his bestial brother Nathaniel Dove (Jonas Armstrong) became prime suspects.

During an attempt to bring down the Dove brothers, Drake lost his life to serial killer Nathanial. The murder forced Reid, Jackson and “Long” Susan to go on the run. Now on the other side of the law, the threesome find that revealing the truth about the siblings will not be easy.

With a killer on the loose and a corrupt lawman leading the police force, Reid faces his most dangerous challenge yet. An epic battle on the meanest streets imaginable has just begun. Will Reid finally be able to restore peace and justice in Whitechapel?

Joseph Mawle returns Det. Insp. Jedediah Shine and Anna Burnett plays Mathilda Reid.

The East End drama’s six final episodes begin at 11/10c March 8 on BBC America.

“Ripper Street” is a Tiger Aspect and Lookout Point production in association with Brown Bear Films for Amazon and BBC Worldwide. BBC America co-produced.

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