Game show "Wheel of Fortune" has become a popular slot game, too.

Slot developers find inspiration in TV shows

Slot developers are always on the lookout for fresh ideas when it comes to designing and developing new games.

At times it can be pretty testing developing a game from scratch. It also can be a lengthy process, with no indication either way that it will be a success or not. One way that has proven to be advantageous is to use TV shows as inspiration for slot games because they  already being popular with players.

Slot games based on TV shows are so successful because the most popular ones, often watched by families, will have had a long run on television. This means the show is likely to be popular with more than one generation, therefore increasing the amount of people who are likely to want to play the game. If it was a show that aired for just one season, the fan base likely would be small and therefore people would be less interested in the slot game based on it.

Slot developers often look to make slot games that will not only get people playing, but keep their interest in playing for a long time. If the player can relate to or has prior interest in the game’s topic, they are more likely to hang around and play it. Top developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have started producing TV-based slot games for this very reason.

Online gaming sites also adopt the approach of themed slot games for their customers to enjoy. They can be wide-ranging, too. You can see the logic in basing slot games on popular and long-running game shows. They share a common element: Players can win cash.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a prime example of a hugely popular TV show developed for the online slot world. So it’s no surprise the game Mega Fortune Wheel has been well received.

“Game of Thrones,” which is the most popular series in recent times, inspired the GOT slot game, which has become just as popular as the TV series.

Even animated TV shows have found their way to the slot game world. “Top Cat” didn’t run for long—only 30 episodes—but the character himself was and still is very popular. SO much so the cat inspired a slot game.

These examples show how in demand TV-based slot games are. By adapting popular TV shows—whether game shows, animations or another genre—into slot games, companies are likely to find success. Obviously, the more well-known the television show was or is, the more likely it will appeal to the masses.