Acorn TV September
Rick Donald (left) and Erik Thomson star in the Australian drama "800 Words." (Acorn TV)

Acorn TV September 2016 premieres

Acorn TV goes Down Under in September with the U.S. premiere of the Australian dramedy 800 Words and visits Victorian London with the spy drama The Secret Agent.

Those are just two of several shows and movies from outside the U.S. Acorn is showing. Check out what’s coming to the streaming service below.

Acorn TV September 2016 premieres

Monday, Sept. 5

800 Words

Season 1, 8 episodes; exclusive U.S. premiere, 2015

Australia’s No. 1 drama series follows a recently widowed father (Erik Thomson) who quits his job as a popular 800-word columnist for a top-selling Sydney newspaper. Over the internet he buys a house on an impulse in a remote New Zealand seaside town. He then has to break the news to his two teenage kids, who just lost their mom, and now face an even more uncertain future. But the colorful and inquisitive locals ensure his dream of a fresh start does not go to plan.

Janet King

Series 2, Episode 3


Friday, Sept. 9

Beau Brummell: This Charming Man

Friday Feature, 2006

In Regency England, Beau Brummell’s (James Purefoy) simple, clean, masculine style won him the Prince Regent’s friendship and shot him into high society. But in defiance of the prince, Brummell also befriended the politically and sexually adventurous poet Lord Byron (Matthew Rhys), leading to his downfall.


Monday, Sept. 12

The Secret Agent

3 episodes, exclusive U.S. premiere, 2016

Based on Joseph Conrad’s timeless novel about terror, espionage and betrayal, this riveting psychological thriller comes from the producers of the acclaimed “Line of Duty.” In 1886 London, Verloc (Toby Jones) runs a seedy sex shop in the heart of Soho. Unbeknown to his loyal wife Winnie (Vicky McClure), Verloc also works for the Russian embassy, spying on a group of London anarchists. The Russians are furious with the English establishment’s indifference to the anarchist threat gripping the rest of Europe. So Verloc is assigned a mission: blow up the Greenwich Observatory and make it look like a terrorist attack to provoke a crackdown. Should he fail, Verloc’s real identity as a spy will be exposed to his vicious comrades. The miniseries co-stars Tom Goodman-Hill, Stephen Graham and Ian Hart.


Series 1, 7 episodes, 2014

This BBC One sitcom follows the ups and downs of three late middle-aged recently retired (or due to retire) couples who live in Thurnemouth, “Norfolk’s only west-facing resort.” Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman and Stephanie Beacham star.

Janet King

Series 2, Episode 4


Friday, Sept. 16

Holy Flying Circus

Friday Feature, 2011

From Oscar-nominated writer Tony Roche and starring Darren Boyd, Charles Edwards, Tom Fisher and Stephen Fry, this fantastical docudrama recreates the controversy surrounding Monty Python’s 1979 film, “Life of Brian,” which was greeted with widespread outcry and accusations of blasphemy. Matters reached a head when Michael Palin and John Cleese agreed to take part in a BBC talk show about “Life of Brian” with a Church of England bishop and a staunchly Catholic broadcaster. The ensuing TV debate put the Pythons in their most absurd role yet: the voice of reason.


Monday, Sept. 19


4 episodes, streaming exclusive, 2015

Based on John Lanchester’s best-selling novel, “Capital” is a witty, colorful and sharply observed drama about the interconnected lives of a diverse group of characters linked to a fictional street. One day, the street’s residents all receive an anonymous postcard through their front doors bearing a simple message: “We want what you have.” Who is behind the anonymous hate campaign? And what do they want? As the mystery of the postcards deepens, interweaving stories reveal lives filled with love and loss, fear and greed, fortune and envy, and at its heart, family and home. The miniseries, from the makers of “Broadchurch” and “Humans,” stars Toby Jones, Gemma Jones and Rachael Stirling.

The Delivery Man

6 episodes, 2015

Newly qualified midwife Matthew Bunting (Darren Boyd) is the first male midwife to hit the Easthill Park Maternity Unit. In his mid-30s, ex-policeman Matthew is hoping to find something more meaningful in his life: some enduring satisfaction.

Janet King

Series 2, Episode 5


Friday, Sept. 23

The Yellow House

Friday Feature, 2007

In November and December of 1888, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin shared a home called “The Yellow House” in southern France. The out-of-luck painters abandon all responsibilities to commit themselves fully to their craft. Starring John Simm as Van Gogh and John Lynch as Gauguin, this moving drama brings to light the ordinary lives of two extraordinary men to illuminate a critical moment in the story of modern art.


Monday, Sept. 26

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None

3 episodes, streaming exclusive of UK edition, 2015

This new BBC adaptation of the best-selling novel of all time features Aidan Turner, Charles Dance, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson and Toby Stephens. The gripping miniseries follows a dinner party on an isolated island where the guests start dying one by one. Lifetime aired a two-part version in March 2016. This is the 3-part UK/BBC Broadcast Edition.

Jericho of Scotland Yard

4 episodes, 2005

Respected, uncompromising and forward-thinking Chief Inspector Michael Jericho of Scotland Yard (Robert Lindsay) investigates high-profile murders in 1950s London. The series is set in a fascinating period of Britain’s social history, when London saw an explosion of shifting attitudes after the Second World War.

The Yorkshire Vet

Series 1, 6 episodes, 2015

Get a glimpse at the true story behind the BBC drama “All Creatures Great and Small.” This six-part series follows staff at Alf Wight’s original practice in Thirsk, North Yorks. Christopher Timothy, star of “All Creatures Great and Small,” narrates. Peter Wright, Alf’s former trainee and the current head of practice, offers some insight into the real James Herriot.

Janet King

Series 2, Episode 6


Friday, Sept. 30

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Friday Feature, 1990

In this cleverly inspired twist on William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” two of the outrageous supporting players take center stage for a dazzling game of illusion and reality that delivers one-of-a-kind entertainment. It won the prestigious Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Award for Best Picture. Gary Oldman, Richard Dreyfuss and Tim Roth star. Tom Stoddard directs.