Natalie Martinez and Tamberla Perry in "APB." (Elizabeth Sisson/Fox)

‘APB’ preview: Watch out for Murphy’s ex

Gideon Reeves faces a tougher foe than Chicago’s criminals in the next episode of Fox’s crime drama APB.

Mayor Michael Salgado (Nestor Serrano) goes after Reeves (Justin Kirk) in the “Signal Loss” episode airing at 9/8c Feb. 27. The multimillionaire has clashed with the mayor since taking over Chicago’s 13th Police District.

In this exclusive clip provided by Fox, Det. Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez) warns Reeves that the mayor is coming after him. In fact, she says, her ex-husband, Scott Murphy (Daniel MacPherson), leads the task force to investigate Reeves and his work in the district.

MacPherson said during a recent interview that his character would become a “pain in the butt” for his ex and Reeves. 

“It leaves the audience to question what his motivations are—whether he’s truly investigating the validity of the 13th District, whether he’s trying to win brownie points from the mayor, or whether he’s trying to get a victory over his ex-wife,” MacPherson said during the interview.

Meanwhile, Reeves and his team decide to send Officer Nicholas Brandt (Taylor Handley) undercover. While searching for the source of armor-piercing bullets being sold on the black market, Brandt goes missing. The squad utilizes a high-tech jacket to help track down Brandt and safely bring him back.

Ernie Hudson plays Captain Ned Conrad while Caitlin Stasey stars as Ada Hamilton. Chicago native Tamberla Perry plays Officer Tasha Goss, Brandt’s usual partner.

Besides MacPherson, guest stars include Abraham Benrubi as Pete McCann, Tim Griffin as Issac Hunter and Billy Lush as Tico. Bryant Romo guests as Officer Jimmy Reyes while William Smillie plays Officer Cobb. Finally, Joseph Kamal appears as Jay Galker.

Daniel MacPherson and Natalie Martinez in Fox’s “APB.” (Fox photo)
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