Chicago Justice
Joelle Carter as Laura Nagel, Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson, Philip Winchester as Peter Stone. (Parrish Lewis/NBC)

Chicago Justice exclusive: Stone versus the butcher

Peter Stone takes on an old nemesis who beat a murder rap years earlier in the latest episode of NBC’s Chicago Justice.

In “Dead Meat,” airing at 9/8c March 26, the cancer-riddled body of Chicago PD Officer Tim Cody is found in a bathtub in a house 30 miles outside the city.

But as Dawson (Jon Seda) and Nagel (Joelle Carter) begin to investigate, they quickly discover the apparent suicide was actually a murder. They also discover the defendant who was acquitted in an old case, butcher John Beckett, may have been involved.

In the exclusive scene above that NBC provided TV Show Patrol, Stone (Philip Winchester) and Dawson explain their history with Beckett to Anna Valdez (Monica Barbaro). 

Let’s repeat those allegations: murder, arson, insurance fraud, animal cruelty. Acquitted or not, Beckett is not a nice guy. And Stone really wants to nail the guy this time.

Michael Rispoli guest stars as Beckett. And as you can see from a second preview video below, he brings the sliminess of this guy to life. Beckett totally taunts Stone because he knows the ASA has little evidence to get him. 

Below are some photos from the episode. Carl Weathers stars as State’s Attorney Mark Jeffries and David Eigenberg appears as Chicago firefighter Christopher Herrmann. Sofia Milos also guest stars as defense attorney Mary Willis.

The “Dead Meat” episode of “Chicago Justice” airs at 9/8c March 26 on NBC.

Photos from Chicago Justice episode

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