Animal Kingdom
Smurf (Ellen Barkin) teaches J (Finn Cole) how to fires a rifle in Season 2 of TNT's "Animal Kingdom."

Cody war brews in ‘Animal Kingdom’ S2 trailer

The latest trailer for Animal Kingdom promises the rift within the Cody clan breaks wide open as Smurf tries to maintain control over her boys.

“We should kick her to the curb, man. We’re not 12 any more,” Deran (Jake Weary) says.

Looks like Deran is increasingly unhappy with his mother, whom he leaned on heavily in the first season. He also complains that his mother is trying to pit the brothers against each other. So he’s finally wised up?

Smurf (Ellen Barkin) kept her family together, successful and doing her bidding throughout the first season. Things didn’t work out so well when the boys tried to pull jobs on their own.

“Animal Kingdom” tells the story of Smurf and her criminal clan, which includes Deran, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) and Craig (Ben Robson). Baz (Scott Speedman), although not related, is sort of Smurf’s adopted son and her right-hand man. Smurf’s grandson, J (Finn Cole), joined the crew when his mother died at the beginning of the series.

His induction into the Cody crime family will continue in Season 2. We see Smurf offering J advice on how to properly fire a rifle in the trailer.

“We are just another law-abiding family doing our best to contribute to society,” Smurf says.

Or contribute to her stash of loot. The trailer also shows the gang pulling off some jobs, having a good time in the ocean, having sex—and getting into trouble.

I recently ask Weary on Twitter what fans can expect this season.

“You have NO idea what you’re in for Curt,” he replied, adding emojis you can see below.

The motorcycle and fast car, obviously, are the Cody boys’ playthings—and getaway vehicles. The police car? Well, duh.

We see the significance of the church in the trailer. Emojis for money and more money are pretty obvious, although the gear is less so. In the trailer, Smurf uses a knife to slice the family’s pie—but I’m sure that emoji has bigger significance.

The scales of justice and chains suggest the boys get caught and put in jail, but somehow I doubt that. At least I hope not—is that so wrong?

The second season of “Animal Kingdom” debuts at 10/9c May 30 on TNT.

Animal Kingdom Season 2 trailer

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