Ride with Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus riding Feb. 2-4 through California during filming of "The Ride with Norman Reedus." (Mark Schafer/AMC)

Norman Reedus is more badass than we knew

The Ride with Norman Reedus is going to show fans that the man who plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead is more badass than they knew.

In the latest video from the six-part docs-series premiering June 12 on AMC, Reedus rides up Pacific Coast Highway to visit Santa Cruz motorcycle shop The Roland Sands Design Motorcycle Store

As he admires owner Sands’s collection of oddities, he tells the mast bike builder about how he has parts of some of his “Walking Dead” co-stars in his refrigerator. Yep, Reedus has collected Andrew Lincoln’s beard (in a Ziploc bag, he says) and Scott Wilson’s pony tail.

Reedus also tells how he got a titanium eye socket. The actor was attending the Berlin Film Festival when a car he was in was hit by an 18-wheeler truck. Reedus spent a month-and-a-half recovering, and then another month getting his face reconstructed.

None of this is news, more than likely, to hardcore fans of Reedus and “The Walking Dead.” But I’ve no doubt some will be surprised.

It sounds like viewers of “The Ride with Norman Reedus” are going to learn a lot more about the actor and motorcycle enthusiast during his filmed bike trips through North Carolina, Florida, California, Nevada, Texas and Louisiana.

Reeds will ride with famous guest stars, including Peter Fonda, Robert Rodriguez and Balthazar Getty. They’ll hang out with locals who share his enthusiasm for biker culture, visiting custom bike shops, tattoo parlors, collector’s warehouses and a roadside smokehouse.

As for Season 7 of “The Walking Dead,” Reedus recently TV Line that viewers will be rewarded after waiting all summer to find out what happened in the Season 6 finale.

“I will definitely, 100 percent say that it’s well worth the wait,” Reedus told TV Line. “It’s large. It’s mind-blowing.”

The actor wouldn’t reveal who Negan crushed with his bat, Lucille—but not just because it is a massive spoiler.

“For us, it doesn’t feel like just a spoiler, it feels like a moment that really happened,” he told TV Line. “And if there’s a death involved, it’s kinda weird to talk about it. It’s like going to our friend’s funeral or going possibly to our own funeral.”

“The Ride with Norman Reedus” debuts at 10/9 June 12 on AMC. “The Walking Dead” returns in October.

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