Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein spoof the men's rights movement in "What About Men?" (IFC)

‘Portlandia’ spoofs male entitlement

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein take on the white male entitlement in the first look video for the upcoming seventh season of Portlandia. They aren’t playing.

Dressed as two Portland guys lamenting that they have no safe spaces, Brownstein and Armisen spoof (white) men’s rights activists in “What About Men?” Well, they do feel the Internet—Reddit specifically—gives them opportunity to troll anyone not white or male speak their minds.

“In some ways it kind of feels like we’re a minority all the sudden,” Brownstein says, adding later. “If I have a son right now, he might not know what it’s like to have a white, male president.”

Let’s hope that prediction becomes reality Nov. 8, election day.

In a catchy anthem that I imagine some men might think is not mocking them, the duo whine about all-female Hollywood remakes such as “Ghostbusters,” not having their own minority movement, and not having a Constitution that “really favors men.”

If Season 7 is all like this first look, sign me up. “Portlandia” returns to IFC at 10/9c Jan. 5 with 10 new episodes.

Created by Armisen, Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel, “Portlandia” is shot entirely on location in Portland, Ore. Lorne Michaels serves as executive produce and Broadway Video as producer. In addition to their roles as creators, Armisen, Brownstein and Krisel serve as writers and executive producers. Graham Wagner is a writer/co-executive producer, and Alice Mathias is co-executive producer. Broadway Video’s Andrew Singer is also an executive producer.

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