Strike Back final season
Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester return for the final season of "Strike Back" beginning July 31.

‘Strike Back’ final season trailer is here!

The trailer for the final season of “Strike Back” debuted on Cinemax Friday during a marathon of the action series’ first Cinemax season. The network also posted an intel-filled video about the season’s new characters.

Cinemax is showing a Season 2 marathon July 4 and all Season 3 episodes beginning at 3 p.m. July 5.

The show’s fourth and final season launches at 9 p.m. July 31, with stars Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton returning as Section 20 sergeants Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott, respectively. Section 20 is a counterterrorism unit in the British service that, over the three Cinemax seasons, saved the world numerous times because, as one of the show’s catchphrases says, “The world is not saving itself.”

Stapleton and Winchester are joined by returning cast members Robson Green as Section 20 leader Lt. Col. Philip Locke, Michelle Lukes as Sgt. Julia Richmond and Chicago native Milauna Jackson as former DEA agent Kim Martinez.

Michelle Yeoh, Dustin Clare, Will Yun Lee, James Wilby, Adrian Paul, Joseph Gatt and Christian Antidormi guest star in the new season, which partly takes place for the first time in Asia. (Read more about “Strike Back” in Asia here.)

“These are moments that change the course of history,” says Yeoh’s character, Mei Foster, the wife of British Ambassador Robin Foster (Tim McInnerny).

Stonebridge, appearing a little worse for the wear, says later, “Think about the fallout from this. It’s another world war.”

And yes, they blow up a lot of stuff. A ton of stuff. What else would you expect from this globe-hopping thriller? The 10-episode season’s action—and there is a lot of it teased in this trailer—was filmed in Thailand and Hungary.

The new season kicks off when the Fosters’ daughter is kidnapped in Thailand. Section 20 is called in to find her, but of course there’s more going on than a simple kidnapping. As cast members explain in the video below, the Japanese mafia is involved and they don’t play nice.

The video below shows the boys getting their butts kicked by what I assume is a mafia member. Scott’s world also is rocked by his growing relationship with Richmond and his son, whom he’s never met. Antidormi, who starred as Tiberius in “Spartacus: War of the Damned,” plays Finn, who shows up in Thailand to see Daddy.

Also appearing this season are Michael McElhatton, Max Beesley, Leo Gregory, Mark Griffin, Wolf Kahler, Andrew Pleavin, Eliza Hope Bennett, Masa Yamaguchi and British mixed martial arts champion and UFC fighter Michael Bisping.

Bassett returns as co-executive producer, director and writer, along with directors Julian Holmes and Brendan Maher and writers Jack Lothian, James Dormer, Richard Zajdlic, Ed Whitmore and Tim Vaughan. Other executive producers are Andy Harries for Left Bank Pictures and Cameron Roach for British Sky Broadcasting Limited. Michael Casey and Sharon Hughff are series producers.

Sadly, at the end of the trailer, we hear someone say, “This is it. This is where it ends.”

I’ll have more from “Strike Back” as we get closer to the season, so stay tuned.