Gigi Does It
Ricky Mabe (left) and David Krumholtz (center) IN IFC's "Gigi Does It." (Tyler Golden/IFC)

‘Gigi Does It’ sneak peek: Gigi finds porn

Gigi’s ready to learn, and in the latest episode IFC’s “Gigi Does It” the curious senior citizen heads to a sex therapist so she can sexually satisfy “large clusters of men in the Boca Raton area.”

In this exclusive sneak peek for “Let’s Get Schvitzical,” airing at 9:30 p.m. CT Nov. 2, Gigi Rothblum (David Krumholtz) accidentally stumbles upon Internet porn when her trusty male nurse Ricky (Ricky Mabe) is teaching her about “goggling” for Paul Anka.

It’s hilarious, as is most of the episode in which Gigi also enrolls in a gymnastics class to improve her flexibility. I say most of the episode because, well, Gigi experience on one gym apparatus might go a little too far for some viewers. At least that’s what I thought—until I laughed at the end of the gag.

This is the sixth episode of the half-hour comedy created and executive produced by Krumholtz, who modeled Gigi after his own grandmother. You can watch past episodes online at After thinking the series would be just another show about an honest to the point of being rude senior citizen, I was surprised by how much I love it.

Krumholtz brings a new spark to that played-out trope. His 76-year-old Gigi, who receives an unexpected inheritance in the wake of her husband’s death to start off the series, is brash but totally lovable. He convincingly fleshes out every detail of Gigi’s mannerisms.

While the situations Gigi gets herself and Ricky into are fun, most of the comedy comes from Krumholtz’s delivery of her flippant remarks and reactions to what’s happening around her. That strength is evident in “Let’s Get Schvitzical,” as are the wonderful reactions of Mabe as Ricky, who must suffer indignities no personal assistant should.

Although the series sometimes relies too heavily on physical comedy and obvious gags (the gym apparatus mentioned above, for instance) that aren’t quite as engaging as the dialogue or the genuinely interesting Gigi herself, that’s a small quibble.

In “Let’s Get Schvitzical” Gigi learns about The Four S’s from her sex therapist. While Ricky hopes “stop” is one of them, Gigi asks if “sorry” is. She’s got nothing to be sorry for, and here’s hoping Gigi never stops exploring her new life.