Dark Matter
Marc Bendavid stars as Jace Corso (with gun) and One (left) in Syfy's "Dark Matter."

Is One really done on ‘Dark Matter’?

The cast of Dark Matter had to deal with the loss of one of their own twice in the Syfy show’s current second season, but is Marc Bendavid gone for good?

The Friday night series’s first season showed crew members of the spaceship Raza trying to figure out who they are after their memories were wiped. Now that they know their criminal histories, they’re investigating who is behind what happened to them.

[Spoilers ahead!]

One’s real name is Derrick Moss. Moss hired doctors to surgically alter his face to look like the career criminal Corso so he could infiltrate the Raza crew. He was hunting for Marcus Boone, the man who allegedly killed his wife, when his memories were wiped. (Viewers now know that Boone is actually Three, played by Anthony Lemke.)

In the Season 2 premiere, Bendavid’s character, Jace Corso, murdered another character the actor portrayed, the Raza crew member One.

Bendavid returned as Corso for the July 29 episode, “We Voted Not to Space You,” when the crew of the Raza went after the villain. By episode’s end, Two (Melissa O’Neil) got the revenge she was seeking by offing Corso.

“It was really sad. I didn’t like it,” O’Neil said at San Diego Comic Con. “I had a hard time even shooting it.”

Bendavid had been part of the show since the beginning, cast members said. Even though he wrapped early in Season 2, it was difficult to say goodbye.

“It’s hard to talk about now,” said Alex Mallari Jr., who stars as Four. “As you can see we are a close-knit group, so to lose one of us was—I don’t know, it’s hard to except.”

Comments by cast members in the video above certainly suggest Bendavid is gone for good. Yet they are actors. Bendavid playing a second death scene in five episodes seems further proof we’ll never see him aboard the Raza again. I can’t help but remember that cloning device used to allow people to go on vacations.

When I made the suggestion to show co-creator Joseph Mallozzi via email, he shot back a wonderful non-answer.

“There’s no such thing as ‘never again’ in science fiction.”

Um, stay tuned.

“Dark Matter” airs at 9 p.m. CT Fridays on Syfy.

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