Dark Matter
"Dark Matter" cast members Anthony Lemke (from left), Melanie Liburd, Jodelle Ferland, Melissa O'Neil and Alex Mallari Jr. at San Diego Comic Con. (Curt Wagner)

‘Dark Matter’ cast on androids & butt slaps

Dark Matter fans, get ready for android hijinks, butt slaps and the return of an old foe in tonight’s episode. 

Remember that Season 2 trailer in which the Raza’s Android—hair down and dressed in leather—kicked some butt in a space bar? Viewers will see what her cowboy-like swagger gets her at 9 p.m. CT July 29 on Syfy.

In Episode 205, titled “We Voted Not To Space You,”  Android implants the upgrade Victor gave her in last week’s “We Were Family.” The upgrade allows androids like Victor to walk, talk, act and react like humans do. With the upgrade, androids are indistinguishable from humans even on high-tech scans.

Zoie Palmer, who already shows her comedic chops playing Android’s robotic-like reactions to her fellow drew members, generates even more laughs when she plays human.

You can watch a preview of Palmer’s bar fight below, but check out the video at the top of the page for a preview of one moment in the episode only as Anthony Lemke can deliver it. He calls it a spoiler, but it doesn’t reveal anything that will ruin your enjoyment of the episode.

At San Diego Comic Con last week, Lemke, Melanie Liburd, Jodelle Ferland, Melissa O’Neil and Alex Mallari Jr. talked about Season 2. Jason Griffin (@thetvaholic), Kyle Nolan (@kyool) and I interviewed them together.

Besides the tease about tonight’s episode, Ferland suggested that her character, Five, will take even more initiative than she has this season.

“She’s really come very far from when nobody really took her seriously and she didn’t realize herself how much she’s capable of,” Ferland said. “And now she’s … much stronger than she was before. Yeah, she’s going places.”

In the video below, she and O’Neil, who plays Two, talk about their fight scene in “The Worst We Have to Offer.” Five showed just how strong she can be.

“I’ve never hit anyone with a steel pipe before,” O’Neil joked. O’Neil also teased, in the video above, that the Android has a great story arc this season.

I’ll have more from our chat with the cast next week. But if you just can’t wait, watch the videos on my YouTube Channel.

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